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did we just become friends?...Yep!

Well, hello there friend, thanks for visiting!

I'm Stephanie, Owner and Freelance Director of The Cultivated Lens!

TCL was born out of a love for people, genuine relationships and a passion for freezing those perfectly, imperfect moments in time, so you can hold on to them forever.


Most of the time I am on the road or in the air, whisking off to the side of a cliff to capture an elopement or a surprise proposal, but home for me is Northern Ontario, Canada with my sweet little family and my pup Bear.

Can you bring your fur babies to your shoot? - Absolutely, yes!


My style is energetic, creative and documentary in nature. I love candid, un-staged and barefoot. If you are up for running through a forest with me, dancing in the rain or getting grass in your hair, I am your person!

What is it like working with you? The Experience.

I always tell my clients "never look at me, unless I ask you to..."

Be fully completely and wholly in the moment and let me create stunning images from that raw passion and emotion. Laugh uncontrollably, love with your whole heart and be completely free. I promise you, those are the images that you will choose to hang on your gallery wall.


Ontario Wedding Photographer
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